Portfolio feedback

Hey guys,

I’ve been battling to put together a proper portfolio indicating my thinking process and how I’m involved in the various business phases within our company. Trying to stipulate my involvement, not only in design but throughout the business.

I’ve created a portfolio website that describes my holistic process and my reasoning when it comes to UX. I’d appreciate any feedback regarding this.

My main goals: Indicating the business process when doing UX.

To be honest, I’ve been eyeing an opportunity and I’ve been rejected a couple of times due to a lack of detail when it comes to my UX craft. So this is my attempt to address that issue.

Here’s the link to my website: http://inspiringux.co.za/

Excited to get some feedback!

Hey Brendin,

First up, it’s a great first impression. That cloud image is stunning!

A few things that struck me

  • Your text is very small and light. It’s pretty hard to read. I’d up the font size a reasonable amount.
  • You are pretty verbose and your text would benefit from an english edit
  • Your case studies are great. You do a good job of documenting your process. Well done.
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