Portfolio Feedback - Pre Site Update



Hello community. I’m a visual designer turned UX design over the course of 2 years. I’m now working as a user experience professional and I want to update my Wordpress portfolio site with a new theme that is a little more flexible. Knowing this, I’d love to get some feedback on its current state and what I should consider changing/incorporating to make it stronger. http://www.easkercreative.com/

Thanks for the feedback!


Hey Melissa,

I love the clean design and the personal statement. Brief but insightful.

Here are a few things I noticed:

  • The font that you are using for the excerpts on the homepage is a bit small and light – it needs more contrast
  • The processes in your first case study is pretty well documented
  • Marshfield Labs: It might be helpful the have the overview and project sections at the top before the annotated images. I kept scrolling back up as I learned new things about the project.
  • Holiday Smarts Quiz is a bit light on details. More images and annotations would be good.
  • The Social Shares case study is very light.
  • Marshfield website: Same feedback as with the first Marshfield project

Overall I think that it reads well and looks sharp, but your process documentation is a bit light. I’d add a couple more really well documented projects and bump off some of the smaller ones with little details.

Hope that helps!


hi @melissa_easker

normally I do not comment personal sites and online portfolios, because of the lack of context and because of the lack of knowledge about the design skills of the site owner.

As soon as I started to browse your site I was impressed by the way how you tell us how you work and what is your design process.
Well done!

What u want to achieve with your site?
Do u want to find a new job?
Do u want to publish what you are doing as a designer?

I don’t have any relevant feedback in terms of look and feel, the only thing I’m missing from a UX portfolio is the prototype and the test steps.
I didn’t read all the projects, so maybe I choose the “wrong” ones.

I hope it will help :slight_smile:


Thanks @dopamino and @HAWK for the feedback. I’m glad the context encouraged you to take a look…I did not want to just throw my portfolio out there looking for blind approvals and hoped that I would get some info regarding ways to improve as I get ready to update the CMS theme as well.

I think the points you provided are relevant and I agree that showing more process is what i had planned on doing so it is good to get some reassurance and specific direction on that.

Currently I work for a product development company and I’m hoping to find a job that is a little better fit for me from a team standpoint. Because of the nature of my current employer, I’m not sure how much of that work I can devulge due to client confidence agreements. Would you have any advice on how to work around that and still show recent work?


hey @melissa_easker

I would start from here. Try to walk in the recruiter shoes and browse your site.
Are the design skills/design experiences fully covered and fully highligheted?

I’ve the feeling that nowadays recruiters are dramatically confused by the amount of roles and specialisation of the design fields (especially regarding the IT world). I always pinpoint the skills that are fitting the role that I’d like to have, for instance, if I want to apply for a company that develops a native app I will try to show how good I am in delivering a consistent user experience crossing the target devices.

As I wrote before, reading your site I had the impression that you’re not fully covering the prototyping phase and the testing phase. Again it’s just my feeling, maybe I’m completely wrong about that.

Good luck!


Thanks for the input. Updated portfolio is here. Hopefully it has been strengthened by the changes I have made. Any other suggestions welcome.