Portfolio Feedback Please

Could you please share your feedback on my portfolio also? I have prepared my first portfolio in Google slides. Here is the link https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1XU12RDs7qQ9Ha5vT9cJ5KL_CAzCeOh7NJMEm_juJ-mE/edit?usp=sharing

Thanks in advance.

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I am looking for a Designer at my company. Are you Interested? It’s in Noida.


May I know your company name?

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It’s known as ‘Transweb’. Could you send me resume?

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I would highly recommend moving out of Google Slides even if it is a case of exporting it to PDF and putting it on it’s own domain. I would also try creating an original design rather than using one of the built-in themes. Your portfolio is your chance to show your skills and should look polished.


Thanks for your valuable feedback @rachelreveley. Which website do you suggest for creating the online portfolio?

To be honest I have been building my own since I started so I don’t know what others would recommend for non-coders.

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I use Squarespace for my personal website. I find it so much easier to build and maintain a site there than coding my own page from scratch.

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Overall, I think it looks really nice.
I did think that many of the slides felt content-heavy (especially slides 3, 4, 9, 16). I would greatly prefer you use a smaller font and have more resting white space on these text heavy slides. Maybe, it’s because the slides are meant to be seen on a large screen from farther away, but on my large screen for my desktop, I had a hard time reading the large, crowded text.
I would rethink the “Scenario” slide (#9). The format makes me assume this is meant for a presentation, and you may wish to speak all that you’ve written there, but that doesn’t mean the viewer would want to read it all. It’s too exhaustive and wordy; I would recommend rephrasing the scenario in just bullets and outlines for the slide. The big block of unbroken text is very uninviting and I doubt many would actually read it.
I think all your photos and UI designs look amazing, which also makes it look like the text-heavy slides are rather undesigned. Again, I think just lowering the font size and adding white space is most of the answer.
Lastly, and this is nit-picky, I love seeing your storyboard sketches, but I wish they were centered on the slide instead of left-aligned. Also, maybe work on how they’re cropped a bit? They don’t have to be perfect, but they seem to need a bit more attention.
Good job and good luck!

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