Portfolio Feedback Please



Could you please share your feedback on my portfolio also? I have prepared my first portfolio in Google slides. Here is the link https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1XU12RDs7qQ9Ha5vT9cJ5KL_CAzCeOh7NJMEm_juJ-mE/edit?usp=sharing

Thanks in advance.

Feedback on new portfolio and resume would be most welcome!


I am looking for a Designer at my company. Are you Interested? It’s in Noida.


May I know your company name?


It’s known as ‘Transweb’. Could you send me resume?


I would highly recommend moving out of Google Slides even if it is a case of exporting it to PDF and putting it on it’s own domain. I would also try creating an original design rather than using one of the built-in themes. Your portfolio is your chance to show your skills and should look polished.


Thanks for your valuable feedback @rachelreveley. Which website do you suggest for creating the online portfolio?


To be honest I have been building my own since I started so I don’t know what others would recommend for non-coders.


I use Squarespace for my personal website. I find it so much easier to build and maintain a site there than coding my own page from scratch.