Portfolio critique - www.rossmcnaughton.com



Hi all,

I hope you are well?

It would be great to get some constuctive feedback of my portfolio from other UXers in the community.

Here’s the link - www.rossmcnaughton.com

Thanks in advance!



Hey Ross,

I think your portfolio’s content and visual design is perfect. The website looks elegant.

My suggestions would be

*In case studies
Under Research, if you have done any interviews, observations or surveys show them as personas
Under visual design, show HD images which now looks blurry

*If you have Behance, dribble or some other profession related accounts link to them.

Apart from these, your portfolio is very good

In case if you need any reference take a look at these portfolios -


Hey Ross,
This is great!

  • Love the clean, sharp design.
  • Good mix of personal / professional. Between the personal statement and your journey into UX I feel like I know a bit about you as a person.
  • Listing your skill set is excellent
  • I wasn’t expecting the testimonials, but they’re effective
  • You’ve done and excellent job of documenting your process for the PartyCasino project
  • The wireframe images are a bit hard to see and the visual design image is out of focus (as @SpaceMan mentioned)
  • Typo here: Talking to different stakeholders I managed TO find the following answers to my questions above.
  • Typo aside, I love that bit ^
  • You need more than one case study. On the home page it says that the PartyCasino one is your latest – are there others that you’re not using?

All up though, awesome!


Hi Sarah and Karthik,

Thanks both for taking the time to view my portfolio and give feedback.

re typos and images - good spot! I’ll update all.

I have a quick question regarding case studies… I have worked in a team and not had ownership for full projects.

What would be the best way to document these case studies? for example I have completed heuristic reviews and user testing but not been involved in the whole process.



I can’t find a good example right now, but I’ve seen portfolios which do a brief overview of an entire project but only detail the areas that the individual worked on. Those work well.