Pointing out usability issues on websites/products?



[B]We all do this you get on to a website and some usability related item is just BAD, what do you do? [/B]

How you you approach them? Twitter?, Email them? or just move on?

I sometimes point things out to websites on twitter, but it often feels like I’m just having a go. I’ve vowed to praise good usability when I see it also.

Do companies welcome this? Hate it?

Would be interested to hear some views.



Hi Paddy,

Most of the time I move on, but I would think that maybe instead of giving feedback in an open forum, businesses might be more accepting if you email them? That way they can choose to ignore it, or action it, but they don’t get defensive because there isn’t the social aspect to it. My guess is that some of the time they might not action the feedback because they don’t know what to do, and don’t have the resources to work on it to figure it out.

I think that one use of an open forum for feedback would be if the design or usability was using things like the “dark patterns” in which case, a little bit of social pressure and backup comments from others might help change their mind.


Hey Paddy. I usually get in touch and ask if they’d like some feedback first. I think it’s an incredibly useful (and valuable) thing, but some people see it as an attack.