Please see my dashboard page and tell me the issues in it by which I can resolve




Hi hawk, kindly help me


anybody can help me to design it user friendly? @HAWK @kerrymeaway1


Just had a quick glance… in the sales order you have two fields labelled “Quantity”, one with 10 units and one with 12 units.

What’s the difference between them?


@Bleke Oh both are the same, thanks but its not a major isssue. can you suggest me more details of other things?


I’ll take a look at it later.


ok thanks @Bleke


The sales order screen looks very busy with all the boxes.

I hope you can read my handwriting.


I think it needs some negative space. There is little visual hierarchy and my eye doesn’t know where to go first. Can you take the viewer through what we should look at first/ most important?


@kerrymeaway1 : negative space means some extra space?


It does. Space without things in it. In this case, white space.


@HAWK means I need to add some white space?


@Bleke kindly send me suggestions for customer details as sales order with your hand writing coz it truly works.


Kindly suggest me other things that I will update in my screens ( like color, text size, spacing, white space, etc.)


Customer details looks pretty good to me.

Only thing I wonder is how you can edit them if the customer changes phone number for example.

Click the green triangle in the corner?

A green triangle doesn’t really signal “edit” to me.


@Bleke It’s not an edit button just a design, the customer info is not editable at our side. But you can suggest me If it is imp to editable at our side.


Well, since I don’t know how your system works I don’t really know if you should be able to edit the customer details or not. But let’s try a scenario:

assumption: what you are making here is some sort of sales support system for a pharmaceutical wholesaler.

Imagine that you are a clerk working at a pharmaceutical wholesaler. A client calls and requests an order for um… cookies? Ok, cookies and crackers and cakes. And a dozen toy batmobiles.

At the end of the call the client says “Oh, and we have just moved our business to a new location, so please make sure you don’t send the shipment to our old address!”

What should you do now?

  • Put the order on hold and ask the client to call the address change department, then call back to you again to finish the order?

  • Go down to the warehouse and manually cross out the wrong address and write the new one below it?

  • Send the shipment to the old address even though you were specifically asked not to do that? (This happened to me. A company repeatedly sent my orders to an old address and wouldn’t listen to my requests to change it.)


@Bleke Thanks you so much