Please review the design of this hotel marketing web app we're working on



It’s a web app for advertising hotels accommodation packages. I would like your to review the design and functionality from a designer’s point of view and let me know what your think. We are in Ghana, West Africa. Link is Its a progressive web app.


Hey Lawrence,
Welcome. :slight_smile:

‘Please review the app’ is a pretty broad ask.
Are there particular aspects of it that you’re trying to improve?


Sorry. I mean the design and user experience around finding content. We want some validation on how appealing and convenient it is.


In my experience people will find time to give you feedback if you give a quite specific framework.


  • Did you find the sign-up process intuitive?
  • Was it easy to find the information that required about x?
  • Did you find the colour scheme appealing?

A broad ‘please review my app’ tends to make people think whoa, I’m way to busy with my own work to spend an hour reviewing someone else’s.

Could you ask a few specific questions that people can focus on and answer?

I don’t mean to appear patronising, so apologies if that is how I’m coming across. My goal here is to help you to get some meaningful responses (and to guide others in the future).


Like HAWK said, you are not going to get many responses with a broad ask.

For myself, I don’t have enough time either, so just looking at the homepage, I can tell you:

  • I have no idea what the name of the site is

  • I have no idea what the site does - reviews, bookings, inspiration, etc.

  • The top navigation is confusing. They are three totally different things.

  • All of the different sized boxes are really jarring to look at and are not pleasant to browse.

  • It is not clear what the information on the cards is in all cases (time at the bottom - time since what?)

This is not a new problem and there are plenty of sites out there doing this design well. I think you could do a little competitive research and copy the better designs.


@karabutaworld Hi, I might suggest you start with a scenario… Perhaps ask the board a question like, "You are planning an 8 day vacation to ________ and want to stay in a hotel. Using this page __________ on a scale of 1- 10, with 1 being the most difficult and 10 being the easiest, how would you rate (question you are looking to be answered)? And then list a few more questions.
Also, the feedback @jdebari left is an excellent place to start! What is the site for? What is the goal of the user when they go to the site?
Hope that helps!


Hi! I have a small suggestion. As a user, location is important to me. I prefer a map showing where the hotel is so it helps me to decide which one I want to book. :slight_smile:


The map is available when you click to view details. Or you mean a map of all available hotels?


I expect they mean a map of all available hotels.