Please help review design options for or an online video rental/showcase service



Hi guys.
I’m currently working on a UX research project for or an online video rental/showcase service.
I will DEEPLY appreciate if you can contribute :slight_smile:

Kindly help review these 2 sketches and VOTE which you prefer.

  • It would be great if you can drop a comment or 2 regarding why you prefer your chosen design.
  • It would even be better if you can comment about specific features
    Just enable commenting and drop a note.

Please Vote here ->

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hey there,
I’d recommend reframing your question above. I checked out your sketches and chose the one I prefer (2) and took note of why (more pertinent information near the top) but your survey asked questions relating to CTAs, which I hadn’t paid any attention to.


@HAWK Thanks for the feedback and your time :slight_smile:
I’ve restructured the question above, hoping it will be clearer now.

Regarding the questions related to a CTA, yes. There is a reason I didn’t mention it prior.
Thanks again.


Added some comments on your pages. The link for the vote page is broken I think.

I like the second one more. Nice wireframe.


Many thanks a lot for the feedback and for spotting the broken link. Really appreciate.

I’ve fixed the link now. Please can you spare minute to vote?


Completed the voting. Hope it helps!