Please help me to redesign magicbricks android app also minimal color


Please help me anyone to redesign magicbricks android app… includes wireframes and only the home page screens and buy property result page… please suggest me.


You can find the app in playstore as well


Hey there,
We’re really happy to help with design dilemmas but we don’t have the capacity to redesign entire apps. :slight_smile:

If there are specific questions that you have, post them up (with supporting diagrams) and we’ll jump in.


Hi @HAWK I did not say to redesign complete app, I need only home page screen and buy property result page. only two screens, so please help me.


Sorry for the misunderstanding. That said, we’re a community of UXers that love to bounce ideas around and support each other, but we don’t have time to work on projects unfortunately.

What are the specific challenges that you are trying to solve?


Please suggest me In persona design, buyer, agent and owner, which is the primary persona? and please suggest me some color combination that i will used to redesign.


These are going to be things that you learn as the result of research, not things that we can advise on from the outside.

Is this a homework project or your own product?



It’s not a home work project… Its my company project and am doing it in my home


Then it’s probably something you should do yourself :wink:

We’re happy to support you with learning and resources, but we’re not really here to do homework. Best of luck.


Hi Shiv, we can’t do your homework for you, sorry. But we’re very happy to help explain concepts and point you to resources so that you can do it confidently yourself.


You could not understand, I am working in an oraganization, but I am doing it in my home…


Hello Sir, I am not saying to do my project, I just want suggestions… thats it


Please suggest the how many peoples in persona and which color I will used … and also some valuable suggestions


any body can suggest me please?


100% agree, your first starting point should be some research, speak to your current users, find out what they struggle with, find out what they like, observe them using the app to see where they click and what they are trying to achieve.

If you already have a database of users then look at the demographics of your users and look at doing some market research based on these demographics, find out what people would want with an app. If you don’t feel confident doing this yourself then there are lots of companies out there who will do the market research/user testing and analytics side for you.

Also look at other apps which do the same / similar things. Analyse them.

Maybe do a heuristics evaluation on your current app, this will always flag up things which can, usaully, be fixed quite easily.

Also, don’t focus on colour and design yet. Once you have an idea of what the user really wants, you can then create user journeys:

‘As a user I want to do … so that I …’

From the user journeys you can then look at creating sketches, wireframes, prototypes, but test as you go - this is the most important thing!

Once you are happy with the wireframe/prototype and the testing has been successful you can then start padding it out with designs. Again if you aren’t confident here there are many graphic design agencies who will create designs based on wireframes and user journeys.

Hope this helps


thanks @HAWK


Well If someone help to suggest me how can i write competitive anlysis, That will be a great help for me.


Cindy’s recent tutorial on our site will help you here: Know what you’re up against with competitive testing


Hello everyone