Please give some feedback on my UI UX portfolio (thanks!)


Hi everyone!

I just discovered this forum today and I’m amazed at all the information and helpful responses for each thread posted. Hoping some of you could give me some feedback on my UI UX portfolio and resume.

A little background about me: I’m shifting my career path from a graphic designer to UI UX and starting to apply to jobs locally. I’m mainly self taught and attended a part-time course as well as some online courses (Udemy, LearnUI). I’ve also been contemplating if I should invest in a more lengthy course.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



Hey Will,
Your portfolio is beautiful. :slight_smile:

The design is clean, the content is easy to read, the navigation is simple – love it.

But… I’m confused by the password protected case study, especially given that it’s the first in your list. I’d remove the password or the case study immediately. The experience was a little jarring.

The rest of your case studies are great. There is a good level of detail, the mix of content (explanations, imagery etc) is spot on.

Your resume is good. You have all the necessary info on one page and nothing extraneous.

Good one!



You’re right about the password protected thing - I should change that! I thought I’d place that first since it was my biggest project but I should shift things around. Thanks so much for your response!

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