Please give me some feedback on my school assignment

Hi guys,

I am Justin, a student Creative Media Technologies and designer/front-end developer from the Netherlands. Currently I’m working on a school assignment to create an international innovation. As I am in the concept and research phase right now, I’m looking for feedback from fellow creatives because you guys are the target audience of my concept.

I see a lot of passionate creative people in my surroundings. People who want to do something extra to improve their skills, flex their creative muscle and gain knowledge. Especially creatives who are just getting started need to get work done to be seen. There are online platforms out there to help you get feedback and showcase your work but I feel like there is room for something new and challenging.

I want to create an online space for creatives who want to do something extra. On this platform businesses will be able to post creative challenges. The challenges are open for everyone to sign in on. This way people who want to express their creativity and try new stuff will have a goal and an objective. Business on the other hand will get creative idea’s and solutions.

What do you think about this idea? I need as much feedback as possible to determine if my concept will have enough value for all target groups.

Would you accept a challenge?

Thanks in advance,