Please give me comment to choose my master course in the UK!


I applied to User experience design Master courses, and fortunately, I received offers from four universities.

  1. Kingston - MSc User Experience Design with Professional Placement

  2. Loughborough - MA User Experience Design

  3. Brunel University - MSc Digital Service Design Application

  4. Ravensbourne - MA/MSc Interactive Digital Media

It seems Kingston’s offer has advantages for my future career through Professional Placement program,
However, Loughborough University has a great reputation.

If you guys have any feedback, please give your kind feedback for me!
Thank you in advance!


hi, i went to kingston uni! it’s a lovely town, close to central london, beautiful scene by the river. I had a great time there so would recommend it for a place to live and study.

However, having said this, I thought my course (teachers, facilities, classes etc) was very poor. In my opinion, if your sole criteria is to get a UX job afterwards, then I personally believe that a degree represents very poor ROI. It’s long, expensive and the course material will likely be out of date by the time you finish. Also in my opinion, reputation means very little, unless you’re talking Oxford or Cambridge.

Is university your only choice? There’s courses and resources in abundance available on the internet. Have you considered all your options?

If you do choose to go uni, you will have a lot of free time so I would recommend using that free time to develop personal projects, network, volunteer, intern, explore and take risks (as well as the usual uni stuff!). If you can get a degree and on top of that have fun and gain experience doing all of these things, you will be in a better position than graduates without that experience.


I was considering several different Grad programs in the UK last year and did a ton of research. I think lykc’s experience at kingston was pretty common in terms of being disappointed with the quality of instruction. I think lykc is giving some good advice here .