Please critique my UX portfolio



I have some similar to UX background, but key word is similar. Now I
am trying to search for a job as User Researcher, UX Designer, MVT
But I receive a lot of rejections just at the starting stage when I send
resume and portfolio.
So I would be very pleased for some critique of my portfolio site:


Hi Sergej,


I’ve had a very quick look at it and there’s some good stuff there! I think it just needs some further refining- I’m going to have a look at it more closely over the next few days and get back to you with my feedback. Sound good? :slight_smile:



Hi Sergej,

As promised here is my critique of your portfolio.

[B][SIZE=16px]This is what I like about it:[/SIZE][/B]

[B]The big picture of you at the top just below the carousel-[/B] looks professional and grabs the reader’s attention. It also puts a human face to this portfolio which is always a good thing!

[B]The layout of your resume-[/B] that is really good. It’s clean and easy to read.

[B]The ‘My Skills’ section- [/B]love the way you’ve scored your level of proficiency and I really like the layout.

[B]The projects section-[/B] it’s fantastic! Keep growing it and adding to it- you’ve got a great library there of your work.

Now, let’s talk about how we can improve it to get you past that initial recruitment stage :slight_smile:

[B][SIZE=16px]Ideas for [/SIZE][SIZE=16px]improvement[/SIZE][/B]

[B][SIZE=16px]Consider rewriting these:[/SIZE][/B]

[B]The About Me section-[/B] This section should read as a high level introduction to you and what makes you great. It should be a quick snapshot of what is to come further down the page- recruiters and hiring managers don’t have a whole lot of time on their hands and that first section is your chance to get their attention and keep them reading. Your resume is impressive and your About Me section isn’t doing you justice at the moment.

[B]The section called ‘[/B][B]what i want from a job (my values)’-[/B] Consider changing to ‘My Values’ – it might be a better fit

[B]The section called ‘some specialized literature I have read:’-[/B] Consider changing to ‘Self Directed Professional Development’

[SIZE=16px][B]Consider removing these items:[/B][/SIZE]

[B]The carousel at the top of the page: [/B]It’s the first thing you see, it takes up the entire screen and it’s not all that engaging. What is engaging however is the large photo of your head and shoulders with the grey background that comes next- the one that has your name and job title text on it. That should be the first thing people see when they open your portfolio site. That is what brings it to life and keeps people reading.

[B]Your date of birth[/B]- doesn’t add value and isn’t commonly listed on portfolios and resumes any more

[B]The small box that lists a handful of hobbies- [/B]it’s not adding value and its placement seems a little random to me

[B]The small box that has education written above it-[/B] that’s pretty impressive and belongs in both your resume and About Me sections but not in that little box.

[B]The icons on your resume-[/B] it’s not clear what they are referring to and I don’t think they are adding value. I also found it confusing that they change colour when I roll over them but nothing else seems to happen- not sure why that is.

[B]The text at the bottom of the page that reads “Your website is leaking money!”- [/B]it’s a tad negative and while it may be true, no one wants to hear that. It also reads like an advertisement which is not helping.

[B]The text at the bottom of the page that reads “waiting for your message”- [/B]I understand why you put that there but it reads like excess noise that your site just doesn’t need.

[B]The paragraph in the About Me section that starts with “[/B][B]Other top-priority values where usability won were:”- i[/B]t just doesn’t belong there. That section is about you and what makes you special.

[B]The text that reads “Sergej Researcher’ that appears on your thumbnail headshot next to your About Me section: [/B]it’s more professional looking without it. The image is fine- just ditch the text.

[B]The text on the projects section that reads “Click On Images To Open Project Description”: [/B]this text stands out on the page a little too much and it’s not really needed because those images expand as soon as I roll my mouse over them. If you feel the need to keep it, consider reducing it in size.

[B]The text that reads “I love to research & experiment”: [/B]I feel like it’s shouting at me and distracting me from scrolling further down which is where I was going when I saw it. Keep the image underneath it as a divider but lose the text. I’m also in two minds about that ‘hire me’ button that sits below it

[SIZE=16px][B]Other stuff that I noticed:[/B][/SIZE]

You have a section called “Theoretical knowledge on user experience”, do you have practical experience in any of those? If so, I would be making that clearer in that section. I know you’ve got your projects further down but I think it’s worth calling it out here as well.

The contact form at the very end has some accessibility issues- you’ve got a dark grey background with light grey text which makes it difficult to read what I’ve typed in the box.

I’m also not clear on the intent of your portfolio. You mention your entrepreneurial stuff quite a bit (which is fine) but when I’m reading it I can’t tell if you’re looking for an ongoing role like a permanent job or if you are a contractor looking for a short term engagement. There’s nothing I can see that says “I am looking for a job” I know what you’re looking for because you mentioned it in your post but someone reading your portfolio may not be able to tell.

That’s just my two cents- feel free to ignore any of it and if you have any questions please just ask :slight_smile:



Ashlea, thank you very very much for your help and kind words. I am very sorry for my delay.
Your advises were extremely helpful. I will use most of them for site improvements.

Do you think these projects are enough for Junior UX position?

Regarding practical experience in UX - Now I am doing UX evaluation and UX testing for my current ERP system.

Again thank you very very much, cant express how I am thankful to you :))


Hi Sergej,
I’m impressed with the amount of information that you’ve managed to fit into your portfolio. Like Ash, I feel that it could benefit further from some focus. At the moment it feels a bit like a marketing site, especially with your catchphrase about leaking money. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that approach, but it doesn’t make your site feel like a portfolio of work.

What I think you’d benefit from is really careful documentation of the process that you went through during your projects. Rather that simply outlining the UX process as you see it, I’d love to see the stages of a web design project annotated with your thoughts, progressions and ideas. Even if they projects aren’t strictly UX ones, demonstrating that you have the ability to process and communicate are important.

Does that help?


Hi Sergej,

Happy to help! :slight_smile:

There’s some great advice there from @HAWK - looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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