Please critique corporate website design, I need opinions in which direction to develop it



I’m involved in development and support of a corporate website for company where I’m working . Recently we slightly redesigned the site, trying to modernize its layout and content concept. However, disputes unfolded inside the company that we need to seriously redesign website. For example, went from content rich long pages with variety of functional and graphics to plainer and simpler look.

Accordingly, I would like to ask the members of the community to criticize the existing design of the site. Does it look up-to-date and convenient to use enough?

Is it worth it to redesign from scratch (which is naturally will demand time and money), or we still can continue to develop evolutionary the existing one? If so maybe there are some moments that offend eye or are out of line on your opinion?

Thanks in advance for any critique.


Thanks for dropping by to ask us a question! I’m really glad you’re here, and I hope you’ll stick around after we’ve given you some direction.

My advice is that we are not your users, and therefor can’t give you the answer to your question.

UX should be a data-driven practice. A decision to re-design a site should never be taken lightly, and should not be done on opinion or feeling alone. There’s a huge risk anytime a re-design effort is undertaken. In order to minimize that risk, you need to do some testing to see if the opportunity for reward is there.

Start by defining what information you need to be most easily accessible to your users. What’s important to your users? What’s commonly requested? What’s important to your business stakeholders?

An easy way to progress past here is to do some moderated or unmoderated UX testing to determine whether or not users are truly capable of getting to your most important information. Are your users successful in completing the tasks without assistance? Where are the pain points?

As you start to test, you’ll begin to notice whether or not users are generally successful in their tasks, and whether or not particular pain points are encountered across multiple testing scenarios.

If your users are not typically successful and pain points are common across testing scenarios, then it’s time for a re-design. Otherwise, you’re likely better off fixing the particular issues uncovered in your testing sessions.


Hello Agu,

A few initial thoughts upon visiting the homepage;

  1. The menu items seem clear, and the hover menu works nicely.
  2. Although the hero area is informative, there isn’t any call to action or direction as to where to go next which would be nice.
  3. I feel like the rest of the homepage whilst again very informative doesn’t take me on a journey. I get to the end of the page and I’m not quite sure where to go now, there are no links, call to actions or pointers as I scroll down to the bottom. I would then have to go all the way back to the top to think about where I want to go next.
  4. I think the homepage has some nice features, but is just too content heavy.

Having a quick look through the rest of the website, I’d also expect (although I’m not a user of your business) to see aspects like get a free quote and featured projects to be more prominent.

On first look - I would say the website could just use a bit of refinement in terms of how it structures pages and supports users on their journeys. Some user testing might help to identify areas to improve this.

Hope that’s useful.