Platform for data and usability testing?

Hi there!

I hope some one you might help my with my research! I work as a UX Designer at a consultancy in Denmark. Our business provides around 10-12 digital concept (online platform/website) for leaders and employees. As a UX Designer i’m one of the responsible to have our concepts user-tested, validated and usability tested.

Today we use spreadsheets and power-point to collect the data from our user- and usability interviews. That means that i have a LOT of documents and I almost can’t believe there isn’t a more simple solution. Does anyone know (or even better use) a platform to analyse and centralize the data from interview?

My dream-scenario is a platform that makes it possible to create one concept as a category and then I can search across the concepts. For example: if I need to find research of what our users think about our logo - I can search ‘logo’ and all qoutes and data from the interviews about the logo appears. Seriously… That would be so smart! Have anyone heard of something like this?
I hope so!