Photos from our homes around the world


I’ve been noticing lately how many different (and amazing) countries we all come from. I thought it would be cool to start a photo thread.

Post a photo of your home country. I’ll start.

This is Ballochdale Estate, Awatere Valley, Marlborough, in the South Island of NZ.


@HAWK New Zealand, I’d love to travel there one day - everyone that’s been raves about the place and it’s easy to see why. I’m from the Monterey Bay area of central California. This picture is taken at Point Lobos State Park looking towards Pebble Beach (where the famous golf course is)


I live in Australia which is home to so many diverse and beautiful landscapes! Here’s the Great Barrier Reef.


I live in Canberra (the capital city) and this is the annual flower festival that’s held in September in Commonwealth Park


Not my picture, but greetings from Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Taken a few years ago but still a favourite - Circular Quay Wharves in Sydney, Australia.


Hi just came across this topic, great one. I love the photos guys.

Mullaghdearg, Co Donegal.

This is close to where I grew up, this picture was actually taken on the day of my sister’s wedding, as they were taking their photos on the beach, I caught this image.

It’s also the site of a wreck from the Spanish Armada, in 1588.


That is stunning @paddy – I wish I could take photos like that.


I love the moody clouds! Ah, Éire… Anyone else a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society?

Here’s a picture of the valley I grew up in. I went back for a visit a few weeks ago. I know every wrinkle and pore on the back of these hills:


One of my favourite beaches in the whole world is in Ireland - Glassilaun (Leenane)

I vividly remember being sat there one evening listening to the gentle waves washing against the shore, and because the sand is covered in tiny shells it sounded like thousands of tiny bells tinkling. It was magical! I can’t wait to take my husband there :slight_smile:


I wish I could remember to keep the horizon straight!