Do you have any pets? If yes, what do you have? If no, what do you wish you had? (doesn’t have to be real)

I have a black cat named Wednesday. She is five and I named her after Wednesday Addams (TV show not the film). We adopted her from the RSPCA when she was six months old. She has a lot of dog like behaviors; she’s very chatty, doesn’t just use us for food, follows us around the house and comes running when i call for her. She’s an indoor cat and we can’t have indoor plants because she eats them. She loves; shoes, stealing the blanket while I sleep, sleeping in the sun on the stairs and the smell of chlorine. I trained her to drink water out of a glass but occasionally she still drinks out of the toilet. :confused:


Haha, classic. Photos please!

We just got our first pet only four days ago, actually, which is very exciting for our family. I grew up with cats and dogs, but have never had a pet as an adult until now. Jasper is a 4-month-old kitten that we adopted from an animal rescue shelter. He’s an indoor cat as well, and is still getting used to his new surrounds and his new owners. Correction, he loves me (he’s asleep on my lap as I type this) and he seems to like our 3-year-old. But he’s taking longer to warm to my wife and my eldest daughter—he usually hides when they walk in the room, much to their dismay. I guess he’s just making them work for it :wink:

Today I caught him fall asleep while standing up (he was snoring). And we’re going to have to have words about his whole “near enough is good enough” approach to pooping in the litter tray. But overall he’s got a great little personality and has been a very welcome addition to the family.


It looks like I’m on trend. We also have cats. Two seal burmese males called Dr John Hawk and Furry. They are hilarious in every way, with huge personalities and a love for everyone, even the postman.

We also have a budgie named Tailfeathers that my mum bought for the kids for Easter one year. He used to come out of his cage and fly around the room until one day he flew past me and my instincts took over and I caught him by the tail. I didn’t mean to, it just happened. He’s never come out of his cage again. :frowning: Probably just as well now that we have the cats, anyway.


Photos of Wednesday!


I love cats, dogs, and rabbits. Unfortunately because we’re in a flat we can’t have pets, so I just steal my parent’s retired greyhound, and my sister’s burmese cat when I visit them. We eventually want to get a puppy and kitten from the spca to grow up together :).


Our last home was a flat and we weren’t allowed to have Wednesday with us so she lived with my parents and I visited her. I’d like a puppy one day too :slight_smile:


No cats or dogs at the moment (although I did grow up in a farmyard full of them). Currently we have three friendly ISA Brown chooks named Enid, Dolly and Lulu that give us fresh eggs every day. =)