Persuasive design


I am looking to do some learning in the area of persuasive technology design. I’m particularly interested in font and colour theory, and userflow/onboarding.

Does anyone know of any great resources, books or courses that I should look into?

Right now I’m reading BJ Fogg’s Persuasive Technology, but I’m keen to dig really deep. Any help or recommendations gratefully accepted.


Hey Hawk,
That’s some pretty interesting stuff. I’ve only really read some of the Smashing Magazine articles around this kind of thing. If you do come across any great resources, please do tell, as I’d be quite keen to read them too!

I just came across this article in my feed which you may have already read? It’s more basic but not a bad read.


Thanks Natalie. I’m filtering through a lot of stuff at the moment so will post up some of the better resources when I’ve finished.


Hi Hawk,

I completed Susan Weinshenk’s course “Design for Engagement - How to Design So People Take Action” on Udemy. I found it was more about persuasion than engagement (not quite what I was after but it might be of interest for you!). There is a section on vision (colours, fonts etc.) which I found interesting, but if you have prior knowledge it may not go deep enough. But Udemy has one of their $19 sales on at the moment so it could be worth a look.


@HAWK In the topic of user onboarding, Samuel Hulick has a great set of teardowns where he goes through the new user experience for tons of popular apps and breaks down what they’re doing well and what they’re not doing well.


Brilliant! Thanks to both of you.
@Lynne – I’ll check out that course, it does sound like it might be of interest.
@Lennon_Rubin – Yes! I’ve actually just been looking at that site. Fascinating stuff.