Persona, Proto-Persona, Provisional Persona and Empathy Map


Can some one please explain about difference between Persona, Proto-Persona, Provisional Persona, Empathy Map and User/ Customer Journey map? Any detailed step by step workshop video or article in this regard will be awesome. Thanks!


Here are some answers on a couple of these:

Personas: These are essentially ‘fake people’ that are created based on your actual target users from user interviews, data and analytics. You should have a persona to cover each ‘type’ of user for your product. When you are creating new features or developing your product, these personas should be kept in mind at every stage to take into account how what you’re building will affect your users.

Proto-Persona: These are basically the starter version to actual personas. They aren’t based on real data, but they are a good way to start thinking about the end user on every project.

Customer Journey Map: This is an outline of the customer’s ‘journey’ using your product. With your personas in mind as the product users, go through your experience from start to finish starting with signing up, onboarding, etc through to completing tasks through your project (or whatever the product does :slight_smile: ) While mapping this out, making sure to list any possible frustrations and successful moments that impact how a user feels about your product at that stage in the journey. From that, you can come up with opportunities for improvement.

A couple of articles:


Personas are a representation of a user, usually based on data, based on user goals, stuff you can measure. A Proto-persona is a “best guess”. These are your ideal user. These aren’t the best but like myself, if you have a small project or maybe its a completely new product, no budget, etc., etc., this works great.

Here is a good article regarding Empathy maps

Hope this info helps