Payment failed action notification placement

Basically I work for a delivery company named REDX, where they delivery parcels door to door. We have a dashboard as shown below, and now we will introduce a feature to let the user know that the payment has been bounced… we already have a global message shown at top, and toast message on top centre position… I created few variations to show how we can solve this solution… Note: there can be multiple actions at any given point and the situation being here the payment is bounced therefore the user need to update the payment method… need you opinion on the variations below and if there is a better one can you please suggest… thanks and waiting for your reply.

A. Can have multiple actions + notification and is autoscrollable with 5 sec interval and user will also have the ability to navigate on their own

B. Takes up screen space, and the actionable notices are stacked and can be open and close to see all at a particular time

C. Slides in and auto scrollable and the user have the ability to click on close icon to dismiss it

2nd version looks great but of the eye - eye ratio, mostly user don’t concentrate on bottom notification