Password Recovery in Modal or New Page



What are the advantages/disadvantages of using a popup password recovery vs a new page?

Thanks in advance


I assume you mean for desktop? I’m a big fan of modal pop-ups for larger screens. In addition to graying out the background, I like to see the background slightly blurred as well - I think this gives more focus to the modal.

That all said - I’m not sure what is best practice.


Having tried both - in my experience our home page is quite hectic at the best of times with several different notifications occurring dependent on what we’re focusing on at the time. We have decided to keep it to a new page. This was based on practical reasons due to how heavy our home page is anyway. However the advantage of doing it on a separate page ensures that the user focuses solely on password recovery and doesn’t click away unnecessarily.

Google often do this and so do Microsoft 360.


If you can, test it and see which one has the highest conversion. Anything we say is just opinion.

Personally I think after the 3rd fail th site should just send you an email without being asked.