Passengers movie


Anyone watched Passengers yet? I really got my UX nerd-on watching it. Sooo many things made me think, well you’d design it like this or that or you’d do that or why sn’t there an override?

I’m thinking I should write my first UX blog post using it as an example.


@rachelreveley I never heard about it! I saw the trailer and it looks so cool, and last but not least there’s Michael Sheen from Masters of Sex!
Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


I enjoyed it, it’s more a sci-fi chick flick rather than an action movie. It has a lot of interfaces and broken design scenarios.


it is on my list!


Do it!


I saw this movie. It is no too bad :wink:


I noticed that. I was thinking about all the “nightmare bot” scenarios that keep coming up nowadays (since bots are the new hotness). For example everything that went wrong with AI, or that AI wasn’t equipped to fix when the ship broke.