Paid Internship Opportunity- Offsite Team

Hello, all! Posting this opportunity on behalf of my friend, Mihir. He’s the founder and also a CareerFoundry alum. His team at his business, ‘Offsite-Team’ is opening up new internship opportunities around mid-to-late February for UX Designers, WordPress Developers and Content Writers. This is a great opportunity for someone looking to gain hands-on experience! :smiley:

They are looking to hire 3 or more interns for a minimum 12-week duration. The internship will be part-time for 20 hours a week. Ideal candidate would be enrolled in some study program and leverage this internship as an opportunity to add a project or two on their portfolio. Prior experience working with international teams is a plus. There will be a small stipend in the amount of $150-200 for completing this internship. Here’s the link to their website:

If anyone here, or someone else you know is interested, please feel free to email their resume and schedule a time to connect here- Calendly - Mihir Shah

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Paying people about $1.40/hr isn’t an internship. It’s slavery.

Don’t work for free (or $1.40/hr), people.

That’s a matter of perspective @dougcollins :slight_smile: It’s not “slavery” but rather “experience” for a newbie who is a passionate about UX, development or content writing trying to get their foot in the door.

A person transitioning into UX career or a new grad. scrambling to get real-life work experience could really use this opportunity to their advantage. I’m sorry, but I don’t think you realize how exceedingly competitive the UX landscape has become these days. One needs (any) experience to eventually land a position and start getting (paid) experience! I’ve definitely gained by volunteering (working for free) as a designer on several projects these past 10 months.

I would jump and grab this opportunity with both hands if I were just starting off with learning to design websites/apps in a cross-functional team!

No, it’s really not.

Yes, I do realize how exceedingly competitive the UX market is. I have around 28k twitter followers, most of whom are new UX professionals whom I’m helping to get into the UX world daily.

There are a number of other great ways to get experience that don’t require slave labor. My advice to you - as it is to everyone in the industry - is to never work for free (with very few exceptions). And the difference between $1.40/hr and nothing is negligible.

Quite frankly, programs like this that prey on young UX professionals to get free labor are a huge part of the problem.

You want interns? Great. Pay them a living wage like they - and all human beings - deserve. Anything else is predatory, and a huge red flag that you care only about profits, and nothing for your people.

I would run from it. There are more red flags here than a Chinese flag shop.

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