Other Perspective: Applicant Journey


Dear community,

Happy that I found this place with its UX experts and enthusiasts :slight_smile:

I am pretty new to this topic but see an enormous potential and the power this way of approaching your thinking, creating and acting. For a study program I have to work on the topic Applicant Journey and write a paper about this.

For me this is UX specified for applicants of companies. How do you think about this field of UX? What do you think is special about having this target group? Do you have tips where I can find good information to research? Do you know about best practices?

Happy about every kind of feedback.




Hey Peet – welcome.

Really happy to help but I’m not sure that I completely understand what you’re referring to here. What process or experience are you trying to design?


Thank you for your comment. Happy to clarify a bit more.

In a broader view it is about applying for a job online. Later I want to focus more on mobile users within this experience.


Hi again.

I think I understand but just to check:
So do you mean that you are trying to design the user journey / process of applying for a job online?
Do you need to follow a UX process from start to finish and this is the topic that you’ve chosen?