Opening links in new tabs – a poll

Except for accessibility issues, this could be something that is dependent on context. In which case it could be answered with a simple usability test.

Thinking back to how I operate personally, I often ‘save’ a page for later if I’m about to click on a link to another site by opening the new link in a new tab. Or sometimes I will ‘save’ a product’s page using the same method. But there are also websites that automatically open child pages in a new tab without my noticing, so that when I try to hit back I am frustrated (because I did not open it in a new tab myself, I did not realize it was in a new tab). Also, if a lot of sites operated this way I could quickly see my browser bar becoming cluttered with tabs.

BUT… I am not necessarily representative of most users, or whoever the target user for the site is.

Thanks Irreferential, I get what you are saying, it does make a lot of sense, especially [quote=“irreferential, post:14, topic:1798”]
best practice is to leave the default behavior of the browser alone
I agree with you there but if the chances of someone using a screen reader on a site are slim to none, then maybe it is ok to break a rule.

Ok, the users have spoken.

It’s a 67% to 33% result in favour of opening links in a new tab so I’ve changed that setting.

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Is this only for new posts as I have clicked a few links today which have opened in the same window?

Heh! You’re right. I have def changed the setting:

I’ll log a support ticket.

Awesome, thank you!

I feel like I’ve caused you an awful lot of work here, sorry!

Nope, no stress at all. :slight_smile:

I have excellent news.

In a rather ironic turn of events, it seems that we can choose this option on an individual level.

Check your personal preferences and make sure the “Open all external links in a new tab” option is checked.

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Amazing! Just tested and it works! Thank you so much!! :grin:

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