Online VS Offline User-Centered Design Certificate Courses



I’m currently working as an UI/UX designer in startup company.

I started my career as an graphic/print designer - web designer - UI/UX designer. (7yrs of experience)

For UX, I was a self-taught so would like to earn a certification this year, and want to hear the opinions about which one will be more valuable when I’ll looking for a new job.

One that I found for an offline course is offering from University of Washington (I’m living in Seattle). 3 quarters, 4 classes ($3000)

The other online course is from Coursera, created from UC San-diego. 7 course + Capstone project. ($280)

I would prefer to take online course since I have to wait until September to take offline courses and of course…it’s much expensiver :slight_smile:

However, If offline courses are more reliable and preferred by UI/UX company I would like to take more valuable one.

Any options about this?..

Please advise me !


I would just work on getting more experience. Certificates don’t mean anything.


Hi there -

I’ve worked in UX for years, and I’m taking the Coursera course out of curiosity and as a refresher. I wouldn’t recommend it. It is very poorly put together and not very informative.


Is that the free HCI one, @foxmwoods?

@syj132 We’ve got a good list of online UX courses (with some of them independently reviewed and given a rating): David Travis’ and Lis Hubert’s courses are both excellent.

In terms of certification, @UX_Dude is correct—they often don’t mean anything. Having said that, I can see the industry shifting, and I’m already looking into globally-recognised, independent certification programs for UX Mastery courses later this year.


Nope - the certified/paid one, 7 subjects and capstone project from UC San Diego!