Online Survey Tips, Techniques and Asking the right Questions?


Hi guys,

Anyone got good tips for conducting online user research surveys?

Am work with a team on a project to develop a platform to help online students manage their workload.
We are beginning user research and compiling questions for an online survey to tease out major user issues, and problem that need solutions.

Many thanks.



Chris Gray wrotea great article last year on user research surveys – we made it into an animated whiteboard video. Here you go.


Hi Paddy,

the article mentioned by Hawk is great and helped me a lot.
As a tool I used AYTM, I really like its flexibility and how you can see the total cost updating in real time.
To better target your research, you can introduce prequalification questions too.
Also their support team was friendly and gave me a lot of great tips!

I hope this helps.