Online portfolio feedback


Hi all,
I am working on my online portfolio. I am trying to decide between two different layouts for explaining my work.

Version 1 - Full length case study (earlier published on Medium)

Version 2 - Concise version (with link to Medium post)

I would like to get some feedback on which is better. Do recruiters read the full post or prefer something concise and then expect candidates to explain during in-person interview ?


Hi there!

I enjoyed both of your versions, but I prefer the first one with all of your thought processes.

It is my understanding that the best portfolios include what you have there.

I did notice a browser problem. When I view your site using Firefox, the graphics starting at Concept 1 overlap the text. However, I can see the text and graphics just fine on both Safari and Chrome. I don’t know if that’s something you can fix or not. It might be a wix issue?

I hope that helps.


Thanks a lot for the feedback @Piper_Wilson

I am not sure of the browser issue. Could be Wix or Firefox related. Will look into it.