Online courses in IA


Hey, all! so I think I want to delve deeper into IA. I know there are loads of books, etc. out there, but I’d like to take an online course… so far I can’t really find what I’m looking for, doing it through a university means I have to wait until spring semester… If I could find a course that was just videos, etc, that I could do when I had time would be great. Any suggestions?


Here are a couple from our course list:

Foundations of UX : Information Architecture

Developing an IA with card sorting


Hey, @HAWK these look like great courses, but I feel like I’ve covered most of this in my UX Academy courses… I’m looking to get deeper into IA… any thoughts on more advanced course? I know you can do an entire academic degree in IA, and I’d like to start looking at courses that are the beginning of an academic degree… thoughts?


Ah yep, that makes sense.

Let’s see if @maadonna can help – she’s our resident info architect.

I’ll check in with a couple of others as well and see if I can turn anything up.


I haven’t seen anything. I’m curious about what people mean by ‘advanced IA’ - I’ve always felt that the fundamentals of IA still apply, just to more complex projects. I don’t know that there is a concept of more advanced IA, unless you really want to start delving into language, concepts and culture. What are you after?


yes! I’d love to learn more in depth about the concepts, language and culture. I’m wondering how to go about doing that? Is there some place I can take some online courses that are more indepth?


You won’t find these called ‘IA’. You’d need to start looking for cognitive linguistics, cultural linguistics or ethnolinguistics. You should at least start with the first few chapters of Women, Fire and Dangerous Things…


aha! terminology! I just ordered the book Women, Fire and Dangerous Things. Looking forward to checking it out! thank you!


Hi again,
I’ve been chatting to Dan Ramsden to see what else I can dig up for you.

He wondered whether you know about the IA Institute ( – probably the best source for resources and recommendations.

They maintain this:
They also have a resource library of articles and books etc

He also said that there tends to be a shift to quite an academic approach the more experienced people get. There’s a whole ‘re-frame IA’ movement that’s pretty academic (

He doesn’t hear masses about being an advanced practitioner, perhaps because IAs love the phrase ‘it depends’ so much – so they’ve never developed a concrete body of recommendations for advanced challenges.

He’s also happy to have a chat with you to discuss it further. If you want to do that, let me know and I’ll send you through his contact details.


@HAWK sorry I’ve been out of the loop for a bit. I checked out the site and spreadsheet. Shocking that there aren’t more classes here in Los Angeles. I definitely feel that I would need to attend an “in person” class for IA. Yes, would like to chat with Dan Ramsden about IA and what sort of more advanced learning I could do, and just basically learn what he thinks about IA. It’s a holiday week here in the US, so I’ll be out of touch until Nov. 28th, maybe you could send an intro email to us after the 28th? thanks so much! as always, UX Mastery is an amazing community!


Scheduled. :slight_smile: