One line form fields vs Regular form fields



What do you think about one line input fields (android)? Do users understand them? Is it easy to understand? Even to old people? Do you have any research about it?


I’m an iOS user so I’m unfamiliar with what you’re talking about myself! I’d be interested to see a screenshot if you have one.


A screenshot would be very useful, but I will try and help without:

If you mean putting the label inside the input field then there has been research done on this and there are issues around both usability and accessibility.

If you mean putting the label horizontally aligned with the input field there has been some research done and the findings are that these forms are slightly harder for the user to read than putting the label above and left-aligned with the field.


One line form field

Users understand this kind of form fields?

Does it have any UX research about it?


the regular would be something like this

Would you recommend which one?


Ah, I see what you mean.

There may be something in here I haven’t read through it.

@philippe_harbec – do you have anything to add?


I would think “one line form fields” are just soft inputs on an android platform (depending on the data you are collecting). Users generally understand the field you require filled from the example text. You might want to take a look at the guidelines here too.

Just my 2 cents


hey, @naimasp are u designing a native app or a hybrid/HTML app?


Native app


In this case, I will not try to re-invent the wheel and I will follow the design guidelines from Apple and Android.
The last release of the FDK provides form controls with the bottom-border


Do some user research! If you want to know if it will make sense to your users, talk to them :slight_smile:

I’d also recommend that you try to avoid making assumptions like this one. I know you’re just trying to design a great experience for your users, but that kind of thinking doesn’t help. Talk to your users and see what you can learn about them.