Onboarding Document for New users of my product


Hi Guys,

I have to create an onboarding document for new users of my product so that they have a smooth experience of using it. I need to create a catchy document with the flows of how to use the product. Please let me know if there are any tools available online for some infographic stuff that I can use for the same. I am currently taking screenshots to develop the flow and and using powerpoint to create the document. But the results have been disappointing. The screenshots are very dull and hardly noticeable. I hope someone can help me out here.


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I’m currently taking a course which involves a lot of userflow documentation so I feel your pain. Because mine doesn’t have to look pretty I’ve been using pen and paper.

Here are a couple of articles which might help you out.

How do you document your user interaction flows?

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Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions. I hope this helps me. More inputs are welcomed from other users

Cheers :slight_smile:


This might be worth checking out: http://www.walkme.com/. It’s a tool for guiding people through your product, rather than making a document that does that.


Just to play devils advocate a bit. I know that a lot of the time you can’t get away from having some kind of onboarding when people are new to a product or additional features have been added in.

My question is, can you make your product usable without this? That your audience will have a base understanding of the context around your product, and that the experience lends itself to not needing the explanations?

  1. If it’s a document, and they have a choice, you might find that the majority of people won’t actually read through it.
  2. If it’s part of the product that you force the user through in the beginning, they might just go click click click and not actually read the content.

@mattymcg 's walkme example looks good as you are actually doing things, not just reading information.