Ok beer lovers, this topic is for you


I’ve always been partial to a beer but recently we’ve gotten into brewing our own.
Anyone else a craft-beer fanatic?


haven’t crafted any beer myself, but back home craft beer is basically the only kind of beer I drink :smiley:

Also more microbrews popping up in Amsterdam, which I can really appreciate.

Are craft beers becoming more common in NZ as well?


Denver is one of the capitals of the craft brew scene in the US, and I’m lucky to live here! My favorite aspect of this is the “build-your-own” six packs at one of our liquor stores. 10+ coolers of different craft beers, $10 for the six pack. It’s a great way to find new beers and styles you like, and in Denver there’s never any shortage of choice.



I started our local homebrew club. We’ve made ~25 different batches. Our specialty runs toward the experimental, with a penchant for sweet, strong stouts and sours.

My co-founder actually brewed his bar menu for his wedding.


Yeah, very much so. Even the run-of-the-mill bottle shops sell huge ranges now.

I knew I’d read that someone here was a brewer! I’m not a huge fan of dark beers (actually, I hate them) but sours are my bf’s favourite. He’s currently brewing one with guavas off a tree in our yard. I tend to prefer flavoursome lagers and really hoppy IPAs.


I’m absolutely hopeless for a good scotch ale, tbh.

IPAs are potentially hit-and-miss as I’m not a fan of the “grass and grapefuit” west coast IPA style, as I feel they sometimes go heavy on the bittering hops at the expense of malt profile, but I’ll definitely get into a Dogfish Head 90 or 120 minute.

I’m looking forward to an upcoming trip to Austin, as I would like to revisit Jester King while I’m down.

Guava sour sounds really interesting. My wife really loves when I bring guavas home for her.