Object Oriented UX



Had the chance to interview UX designer Sophia V Prater, who specializes in Object Oriented UX (OOUX). This is the link to that: https://blog.zipboard.co/understanding-object-oriented-ux-interview-with-sophia-v-prater-4df6f422e484

Curious to know what other’s take is on OOUX?


As a programmer / UX designer I can really relate to Sophia´s methodology as it breaks down the goals of the project into a familiar OO structure. It should make testing a lot easier as the object definition is clearly defined. I would like to see how this methodology scales up to really large projects, as it can be very abstract at times. Although, it would aid in planning and structure I´m sure, I had a chuckle thinking of doing a UX project in a MVVM pattern.