November's Theme: 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People



I love it! I like that I can read it in little bites but I always end up reading more than I told myself I would! :grinning:


I’m doing the same thing @AshleaMcKay - I’ve been reading before bed and end up reading way more that I plan.
I’ve also found that something I read the night before has helped in a conversation I’ve had the next day. I knew a lot about mental models and put my learning around contextual models to good use as well as provided my ‘expert’ opinion on multitasking.


Ah! Nice one!


Hi Guys
I love this book, simple visual chapters. It’s what I call a door opener, Susan gives a good understanding of a topic and if you want do go deeper just google the studies that are referenced. I’m sticking post-it notes into the ones I want to look into further.


Book is quite interesting. Highlighting the interesting parts to refer back when needed


It’s a great book. I’ve been tweeting out all our favourite bits.