November's Theme: 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People



We’ve been thinking about different approaches to our bookclub idea to make it a more time-feasible and valuable experience for everyone that is keen to be involved.

And EUREKA! we think we’ve done it. After a small hiatus we’re re-introducing our monthly theme… but with a difference.

We’ve chosen a book as the central focus and we’re planning various fun-loving activities around it. Think along the lines of discussing useful lessons and tips, surfacing bits of related content from around the web, plus our own book reviews and blog content, and an event or hangout—hopefully with the author themself.

We’re kicking off in November with Susan Weinchenk’s classic 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People (Voices That Matter, ISBN 9780321767530)—Amazon | Powell’s | | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository. If you’re keen to take part you can grab a copy from your favourite purveyor of books and follow along, but there’s no obligation.

I started reading it last night and I confess to being hooked already.

So, who’s keen?

Let it begin... #100 Things
Help! I need your ideas / questions / thoughts

It’s an easy book to get into, and even easier to read, despite the depth of the content it contains. Each #thing is only a page or two, so I pull it out during the day between some work tasks.

Have to say it’s pretty exciting to have Susan joining us. That session will be fantastic. :slight_smile:


You gave away the surprise! :wink:


Haha! For sure. One of the many benefits for people joining the forums. :wink:

Keep your diaries free on November 29, and your eyes peeled for a full announcement soon.


Sign me up! I’ve already read this one through, highlighter in hand.
While it doesn’t really introduce anything new, it is just so perfectly easy to look things up in. Easily the most digestible book on basic psychology that I have ever read.


Agreed. I love that about it.


It’s funny, I was organising my bookshelf this afternoon and this one had fallen behind the others! It’s now of course back where it belongs and yes I will join you! :grinning: :eyeglasses:


I’m in! I’ve read bits and pieces but not the whole thing so this will be great.


Count me in! I have 3 books on my Amazon wishlist and this is one of them, now my decision has been made.


Boom! It’s a very easy read with heaps of interesting facts. My kids have started asking me for more.


That is AMAZING!


Is anyone keen to write a review of the book for our blog?


I have just ordered the book :slight_smile: Should be with me tomorrow, love Amazon Prime :slight_smile:


I’m in!


Count me in, just ordered the book. Paddy


I’m in for sure. :slight_smile:


I’m currently reading through 100 things on my daily comutes! Happy to do a little review! :slight_smile:


Brilliant! PM me when you’re ready and I’ll introduce you to our editor @natassja


Sure! i’m about a quarter of the way through so i will let you know :slight_smile:


How are you guys finding the book? I’m still totally fascinated by the things I’m learning!