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hi all
our web app provides several notifications, I quickly collected them in this doodle.

Now we need to design a new one allowing users, in some cases, to overwrite a specific error.
Due to technical restrictions, at the moment, we can’t provide any link and/or CTA within the notification panel.

Did u have similar issue in your current (or past) projects?
What are your thoughts about it?

Thanks in advance for your replies


I’m a bit confused by the question here, to me a notification is informing the user what is going on - a request has been successful / there was a minor error / there was a major error. I’m a bit confused by the idea of overriding or accepting? Can you clarify the situation any further?


hi @jacquidow!
You’re right, the context is pretty complex.
I will try to define it with steps:

  1. users start a process (for instance adding new assets to a portfolio) entering data via web forms
  2. system checks the data and verify the rules according the law and the market
  3. users receive notifications about the validation of such rules
  4. according their level, some users, can overwrite rules and force the system to execute the order

in the current system the journey is completely differente because users receive and email as report and within the email there’s the list of “broken” rules.

Our goal is to keep the full journey in the same page and session

Is the context clear now?


Yes and no :confounded:

Why would they want to break the rules?


because they hate designers!

For some user cases you, as an asset manager, are able to overwrite a rule is your client ask to do that. For instance by contract I, as a client, don’t want to buy assets from Nestlé. For a specific transaction (and only for this occasion) I allow the asset manager to do that.


That makes sense :slight_smile:

How about you provide a notice saying

By doing this it will break these rules:

  • Rule 1
  • Rule 2

Are you sure you want to continue?

[yes] [no]

Or… is there a way to notify them earlier? Maybe when they make the selection, you could say ‘by selecting this it will break this rule, are you sure you want to select?’


Basically is what we are designing, a list of notifications with several type of content:

  • static/blocker, the standard errors like “this field is mandatory” or “invalid date format”
  • override, a message explains why and how to proceed (for some of these messages you have to select/type a comment)

at the end users have to re-send the web form with the new values

unfortunately it’s not possible because most of the rules are generated by calculation of multiple values (for instance an amount, an asset and an execution date)

we designed the first draft of a lo-fi wireframe

as default status each panel is not selected and the second container is hidden


I really like the concept, only thing I’m not sure about is the term ‘override’ but I can’t think of anything to replace it! :frowning:


indeed, we don’t like it either.
Next week we are going to present the wireframe to some clients, maybe we will be able to find a friendly label for it.
The first release will be for the Swiss market so the label will be translated in German…goose bumps


Could be nice to have a kind of pop up that ask the user what he want to do, but since it’s not possible to implement a link or a CTA that could be a bit complicated.

What do you mean by “any link and/or CTA within the notification panel”?
Is it an issue with older browser/system?

Isn’t it possible to use an accordion for multiple choices? (technically it shouldn’t be considered as a link but, again, it depends on what we consider as a link)

something like
notification right side"Solve the issue"
accordion (open)

    • ignore rule
    • change value


inside the html container (DIV) we use to display notifications is not possible to provide any link and or/CTA

Somehow is the approach we’re following. We want to wrap all the notifications in a accordion and then it’s up to the user read and react on the ones he want to solve/overwrite.


Great, anyway good luck with it, it seems to be a tricky one.
If I’ll come up with something useful I’ll let you know


that’s cool :wink: