Nielsen/Norman Group UX Conference and UX Certificate - Feedback

Have you taken a NN/g UX Conference course? Or even earned a UX Certificate (5+ courses/exams passed) from them? What was your take on the courses? If you have a certificate, how has it helped you if at all? Overall, how would you recommend them?

I’m looking into attending the UX Conference in February 2020 and take advantage of company education assistance.

Thank you!

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Hi Laura

I didn’t attended any NN/g conferences but one of my friend told me that people definitely can learn new things, he did some courses in that but it was very expensive. You may get good job as it has good brand name. All the best…!

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Thank you @MadhuSudhang! This is helpful. :slight_smile:

I have taken five of their courses and achieved NNg Certification. Their trainings are very well-designed and useful. I am going back in April for 7 more, and plan to finish 3 more the following year to be Masters Certified. I have used what I learned in my role, even though I already completed a Masters Cert in Ux Research through a university.

Hi @amberasarose thanks for letting me know what you thought about the trainings, and it’s encouraging to hear it was useful in addition to your university certification. Are you working towards a specialization?

I am thinking about going in 2020 to specialize in user research. I’m already doing user research in my day to day job and am trying to understand if going to the NNg conference for 5 days would be worth the price tag if I already have several years experience. Thinking about Los Angeles or NYC.

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@l2n8 Cool! That’s part of why I’m wanting to attend as well, to potentially take a mixture of interaction design and UX research classes - or solely focus on research options, since that’s part of my new job.

@amberasarose Just out of curiosity at which university did you got UX research certification? I’m looking for a good program! Thank you :slight_smile:

I ended up registering for 5 days of the Los Angeles conference. I’ll share my thoughts after I attend. Is anyone else going?

@l2n8 I decided not to attend even after hearing many positive things. I felt the cost was too high out-of-pocket. My company reimburses, but there is a caveat that I have to stay for a year, which I don’t want to commit myself to doing. I look forward to your thoughts about the conference! Maybe one day I’ll feel right about paying.