Nielsen Norman certification


Hi all,

I’m currently at the NNg Usability Week here in Amsterdam, and have just taken part in a usability test on their exam certification program. It’s still early stages, so it may change - but I thought it was interesting enough to share:

If you have taken part in any training, then you can take a test - (approx $50 per test), if you complete 5 tests then you get a certification. If you complete 15 tests then you get a ‘master certification’, you can also choose 4 paths if you wish to specialise in certain areas, eg UX Research, Mobile, (can’t remember the other two paths).

If you have taken part in a previous NNg training course, then they are backdating this offer for a certain period (not sure of period but a few years was mentioned).

Might be an interesting one to look out for!


Is that only in Europe?


No, it’s not just for Europe. You do have to go on at least 5 days training though, so you would have to go to one of their usability weeks, which I believe are in Europe / North America.


Guys! I passed it :slight_smile: - first person to pass was only 6 days ago - very happy!


Thanks both, yep very happy - there was less than 100 people worldwide when I last checked, so that’s quite a nice feeling! In all honesty though I’m not sure if it will have any real benefit, but it’s at least something to put on Linkedin!


Hey Dean

Looking into this certification in the following weeks. Now that you’ve obtained your cert. would you say it was still worth it? Would love more feedback as to how this helped. Thanks in advance!



Hi there, I’m not sure in all honesty. The company I worked for paid for the course and I paid that little extra for the test at the end. I wanted it myself because I am a self-taught UXer and wanted to show some knowledge to hiring managers who skim read the achievements!

I was doing UX for a while before I took the NN/g course so I think the amount of experience I have is perhaps more telling that having a certification. Your case may differ though.


I did NNG certification a year ago and it was helpful for me to get my first ‘UX’ job but I think having a portfolio of projects is a must if you can.