Newsletter in about us - why?


Hello guys

I have in my hand a very weird project.

My company (ecommerce luxury men clothes) is thinking to re design our About Us but keeping the same copy, the typical copy content you can find in almost every single website, BUT at the same time they literally want:


b) It leads more people to sign up to our newsletter (currently there is a sign up form at the bottom)

Ok I can add a new “write your email here” etc on the middle, top or in a pop up. However my question is why someone who goes to read the about us page will feel tempted to sign up for our newsletter? (I don’t have any product there)

Does anyone can help understand why someone could feel tempted to sign up in the about us page?



I would first design a great contact form–make sure you follow best UI/UX practices.

But now, although you have designed a greater looking page and greatly improved the UX, the numbers are still the same, no one is signing up. What do you do? Even Google Analytics will never tell you why people aren’t signing up. They’ll tell you what, where, when, and who, but never why. For that, you need something that gathers user surveys. You can use something like Qualaroo that allows you to target certain groups of audiences and gain their insights. For example, for every user that goes to your About Us page and spends at least 1 minute but doesn’t choose to sign up, a survey will pop up and asking questions, “How can I help you?” “What are you looking for?” That will get you the qualitative data you need to know why your bounce rate is # or why your page viewing times are #. There was another tool called Crazy Egg which could record every users visit that didn’t sign up but that would entail going through every video of every user that didn’t sign up. And if your conversion rate isn’t high, that will be a long task.

Essentially, I’d tell your employer that you can redesign the page to make it as user friendly and visually appealing as possible, but there’s no magic sauce from your end that will instantly increase conversions in this case. Perhaps your company needs to have a bigger discussion about marketing efforts, you can recommend for them to create a blog and include a sign up form there as well, perhaps more engaging content on their blog will gives users a bigger incentive to sign up.


Even this won’t give you a full picture, if for no other reason than those that are unwilling to put the time and effort into completing a newsletter signup are also likely unwilling to complete a survey of any length.


It’s true, but better than OP telling their employer that most users hate signing up for things. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: It’s so important to earn your users trust before they’re willing to give their information to you.