New Year Design Resolutions Anyone?

Hey Everyone!

How is everyone holding up?

It’s been a very weird year, to say the least. But we can look towards 2021 with a hint of optimism, right?

Have any of you made New Year resolutions, about how you’d like to approach your work and/or life in the upcoming year?


Hey @Kasturika_Ramamoorth!

I’m planning to take a deep breath over the holidays and come back in 2021 with more intention in how I collaborate and manage things professionally. Part of that is the juxtaposition of my young family at home with an ambitious and driven work environment. Lots more room to value the people in our lives given the 2020 we’ve had.

Some new projects due to be launched in the first quarter of 2021 mean I’m really looking forward to working closely with the people I’m designing for. That’s a big win for a UXer.

And perhaps taking more opportunities to go hiking in the bush or climbing a mountain with my kids, now they’re getting old enough. Appreciating the natural environment and unplugging is a common resolution I have each year. :slight_smile: