New UX related Course offering coming up on Coursera


Hi there,
in 2012 I completed a Coursea course in Human Computer Interaction, which I was very impressed by. There is a New Course along similar lines which looks really interesting.


Are you planning on taking it Paddy?


Thanks for this Paddy!

I did the HCI course too, how did you find it? I felt it was really too tight, and the expectations to download and learn software, and deliver a prototype in a week was a bit too much to ask.


I get what you saying about the timescale Dean, I ended putting a lot of time into it, much more that the 8-12 hours per week they suggested. However I found the discipline of having deadlines and targets a real help. I really enjoyed the couse and I found it was very beneficial in my case.

Hawk, I’m not sure about doing this, I feel it may cover a lot of the same ground as the HCI course. I’ll signed up for alerts and will look into it a bit more.