New To UX Design (Career Change)


Hi All…i’m new to the UX Design world. I have been considering a career change into UX Design. I have absolutely no previous experience in this area or in design. I’m currently an executive assistant, but have been interested in UX design recently. It sounds like something i would be good at. I have no college degree or design experience. What are the pros and cons of the UX design world? I would like to get any input if possible. I am considering the UX Academy from DesignLabs. Any recent input on this course would be appreciated and also the job guarantee. Thank you so much for reading this!


Hey there,

I think the main pro is that UX is such a broad field that there is something for everyone, whether you love research, visual design, psychology… the list goes on.

The main con is that it is still an emerging field so the expectations from many employers are unrealistic – search for ‘unicorn’ on this site.

The DesignLab courses are very good. I think @jadejenkinsUX may be able to comment more.

Is there a specific area of UX that you’re interested in?


Thank you for your reply! I’m just starting to research to see if this is the career path I want to choose. I have enjoyed reading all the different threads on here. Would definitely like to hear from jade.


Everyone is different and has different motivations and interests, and they always change! I’d say rather than invest in the course straight away, 6k is a lot of money, first utilise free resources in the beginning (plenty of links on this site). Experiment, create and solve existing UX problems and see if you actually like doing UX. If after a while, you’ve explored the free resources available and you still feel like the course is a good investment, then absolutely go for it.

And to answer your q

Pros for me - combines strategy with design, and at its core, it solves problems. Lots of skills involved, which keeps it interesting.
Cons - not all clients want to pay for an adequate UX process, so be prepared for compromises that will affect the quality of your work


Here is a good place to start:


Hi @shanelee1974 - I recently decided to shift careers into UX design world and taking a course through Careerfoundry at this time. My background is in graphic design. Not sure if you have access to - perhaps take advantage of the free trial membership and check out the learning path for “Become a User Experience Designer” -

It’ll give you general introductory into UX Design.

Best of luck to you.


Id have to say that the majority on here look at UX from a web design perspective. Thats not UX, well it can be, and it can be UI design. But UX is in all forms of design, its even in project management. Just to say, dont shove yourself in a web design box as it may not be for you, what about Industrial Design? Working for Ferrari design team for example.


Industrial Design is for mechanical devices but yes, UX is everywhere in any product either mechanical or digital devices.