New to UX. A few questions

Hello! I recently started studying UX design and I have some difficulties understanding the UX research phase.

  1. What are the questions you always ask your client when taking on their project?
  2. Let’s say I do a design for a food recipe website and I need to do some user research. How can I know what questions I need to ask? I mean are there any good templates that could help me have a basic structure?
  3. Once you have your questions, how do you get feedback from potential users (UX surveys)? What are the tools you use?
  4. Do you deliver personas, user flows, etc first, or by the end of the project?

I’ve been practicing UI design for a year now but I thought that I also need to have some basic UX knowledge too even though for now, I’m just a UI designer. I’ll be really happy if anyone replies to my beginner questions , thank you.

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Welcome to the community @Myself_Here!

Are you doing self-study?

I would suggest a Udemy course by David Travis or Joe Natolie.

Here’s a good article on questions to ask in the beginning, Understanding the Business - Boxes and Arrows.

Interview questions vary depending on the stage of the project. You want to ask open-ended questions where people will tell you a story and then follow up with other questions.
You never want to ask people if they’ll do something as they will almost always say yes.

I’m not totally sure I understand your third question. You interview people, usually 8 to 12 of your target audience and then you synthesize that information with an affinity diagram. I definitely suggest reading some of the articles on UXMastery for help.

Each deliverable is intended to communicate certain information and are at various stages of the project.

Hope that helps.