*NEW* Making UX Work Podcast — with our own Doug Collins!



I wanted you all to know we’ve got a BRAND NEW episode of the Making UX Work podcast — starring our very own Mr. Doug Collins (@dougcollins) .

Aside from being one of the most positive and generous people I’ve ever met, Doug’s UX work spans a variety of industries ranging from the financial world to sports entertainment.

He currently works as the sole UX Engineer at Trust Company of America, in charge of directing every aspect of the company’s online design and user experience presence.

And when he’s not working to make the world an easier place, he can be found hiking, cooking, coding, or writing about his experiences on his blog.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and in Doug’s case, as you’ll hear, that’s true. You’ll also hear how he overcame some extremely difficult circumstances through belief, positivity and sheer will — and why, for Doug, “there is no Plan B.”

Listen and be inspired!


Forgot to mention — if YOU would like to be a guest on the Making UX Work podcast, let me know here, or via email [ joe@givegoodux.com ]! The focus of the show is on folks doing the everyday, in-the-trenches work of UX and design. Struggles, successes and everything in between.

No rock stars allowed :wink:


Thanks so much, Joe! I was very honored to appear on the show, and I hope that people will find a few positives to take. For anyone that chooses to listen - thank you! I am truly honored to have you spend some of your hard-earned free time listening to our conversation.


Nice one guys, downloading this as we speak.



Wow. It was so great to hear Doug talking! And inspirational as well :slight_smile:

Thanks Doug!


Thanks for listening - glad you enjoyed it!