New Gmail UI


Is it just me who thinks the new Gmail UI is over-carded ?

Looks like a blatant abuse of shadows & cards. I feel like the entire layout could be a bit more subtle/refined with better hierarchy. eg. Visual styles at Credit Karma, Turbotax, AirBnb

Also the contrast on the default setting (white on white) is killing my eyes.

Thoughts ?


I noticed the new UI not long ago. Their use of cards is part of their style guide. It’s a bit annoying that the email is in the corner - same place you’d see a chat window.


yeah, I agree with you. It is annoying and most of the time I feel like I don’t have enough space to write.


And to me the emails section looks cluttered. On hovering it gives me a 90’s feel. And I do agree to some extent that they have overused the cards and shadows. The sidebar with icons could have been made better.