New functionality in existing design


My employer has a “clunky” web search/filtering solution on their site. I’ve been tasked with coming up with a better solution.

I use Adobe XD - and I’m doing this in high fidelity mockups since the look and feel of the existing site is not changing. Doing it in full fidelity is the correct approach, right? I actually take screen shot of parts of the website (header/footer, etc) that are not changing and add them to the mockup.

Also, just curious how others handle this…for the above mockup I am adding interactions for only the parts being improved…it’s not necessary to add screens/interactions for area not pertinent to the discussion, correct? (It would add a TON of time if so)…am I doing this right?

I’m finding it takes a lot of time to just make a few screens - mobile seems to be much faster - I guess simply because the web has more real estate.

Thanks for any responses.


I’d still probably go lo-fi if there are lots of screens and potentially revisions. It will save you time.


I’m not a designer, but my instinct says that @rachelreveley has got the answer for you. My thinking is that all your decisions should have a purpose. What purpose does high fi mockups accomplish?

If you think you work faster & better, and you can deliver a better product with Adobe XD, then go for it. But if it’s already causing you some problems/frustration, then you might want to rethink.


Thanks - it’s not really Adobe XD, it’s because I’m new to it. Learning stages…

Since I’ve already started in Hi-Fidelity, I’ll finish up with it…but in the future I will rethink that. Thanks!