New Axure course on

Hi all! For anyone looking to get started with Axure, I just published an online course through It’s for beginners, and it’s also a good way to evaluate whether Axure’s the right tool for what you need.

Hey Brian,
Thanks for letting us know. I hope you’ll stick around and be part of our community.

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone done this course? If so how was it?

My current project at work requires me to learn Axure in a very short space of time and I’m worried I’m not going to be able to pull it off. It’s going to take at least a week to get it installed on my work computer and in the meantime I’m looking for resources to help me when I get stuck!

Once the software is installed, I’ve been given someone for a day who will try to teach me, but the problem is he’s in another city and will have to teach me over the phone and through MOC share sessions for that one day. I need back up on this one :slight_smile:


I’ll get in touch with Brian (the OP) and see if he has any advice.

Hi Ash, I had to learn it in my previous job, and in all honesty, if you aren’t doing really complicated stuff it isn’t too hard to learn. Axure also have good documentation around if you get stuck and search. If you want to do more complicated interactions it can take a bit.

If you get stuck and do need help, feel free to give me a buzz and I’ll see if it is something I’ve done before and can explain :slight_smile: