New Around here :D, What does it take to become a UX Designer?


Hey guys

I am currently studying Web Design and Development. but I’m more about the Design life :slight_smile: I really enjoying planning and designing website, knowing what users want, y’know?
But anyway, I was looking at some articles about UX and it seems to be the way forward for myself, it has everything that I love.

But would like advice on where to start, i joined this forum because i feel you guys could advice me on the way to go!

Any advice would be great :smiley:



Hey there,
Welcome! We can most definitely help with that. :slight_smile:

Have you seen this compilation of ‘getting started’ posts from the community here?
Also, this is a great starting point (both the article and the book).

Have a filter through some of that info and then we’d be happy to help you work through any questions that you have. :slight_smile:

And when you get a sec, jump into this thread and tell us a bit about yourself. :slight_smile: