New apple mac book pro



hi guys
what’s are your gut feelings about the new device from Apple?

Touch Bar and Touch ID are brilliant IMO


They sure are different and a pretty good idea. Reminds me a little of the hot keys on regular keyboards, done in a more modern way,


I was sort of wondering if the individual touch bar icons looked too close together? If you have larger fingers I wonder if it will be an issue.


I was thinking the same thing however looking at them again, it seems Apple thought about it ahead because the buttons are quite wide.


you’re right, at the first sight I had the same feeling.
After looking at some video reviews I think that we will see a bunch of user cases.
IMO, payments and phone calls are, by far, the most important user tasks to perform with the touch bar.
I don’t know in terms of gesture how easy it will be to touch the bar itself, it’s not in the comfort zone.
In my case, for instance, it’s not easy to reach it because I use my MacBook always connected with additional screens and I don’t use the laptop keyboard.

Anyway I do like the new product!