Netflix - Abstract, the art of design


hey folks,
did u watch this documentary?
I saw the first two episodes and it looks so inspiring to me!


Is it translated in to English too? I’m rubbish with subs.


sorry I did notice the screenshot was in Italian.
Yes all the episodes are in English


Someone else has just told me to watch this but I have 2 questions - is it worth signing back up to netflix for? And if so, could I manage to watch the full series on a months free trial? :slight_smile:


I would say no. I do love the service and the content of this platform.
I am a TV Shows addict, so, I will not survive without it especially now that there’s the offline feature. My daily commuting is lighter now.

I guess yes. Due to the number of episodes 10 and the length of each one (almost 1 hour)


This documentary series is some of the most inspiring creative work I’ve seen. (and I’ve seen only 3 episodes)
The medium of the art in question and visual presentation are woven together elegantly, granting immersion in the content that is both entertaining and deeply rewarding as true stories are being honored.
While innovating on the traditional documentary, the director didn’t take himself too seriously by showing 4th wall breaking comments of an inelegant nature.
Because I like functional things, the Tinker Hatfield episode about his work for Nike and how it shaped the company has been by far the most rewarding story to take with me.


I think you’ve just sold it to me :slight_smile:


did I?
My colleagues say that I’m very bad in selling stuff…


I hate to break it to you but I was referring to @charliecmiles response :confused: Your response was great too though :slight_smile:




This series is quite enjoyable! I have only seen the episode following Bjarke Ingels the Architect, but it was a riveting experience! The way he approaches architecture is very similar to what I have been learning about UX. Designing buildings to suit the needs of different users that are often at odds with eachother. How do you make a building that is a sailboat garage and also a childrens playground? Ingels work does so. I am new to the field but I am seeing similarities between architecture and game design in UX. I highly recommend that episode and I am looking forward to seeing more!